The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Thursday (Oct. 28) it has installed and is testing a new weather radio system to serve the area in western Arkansas affected by a fatal flood back in June.

A new weather radio transmitter has been installed on High Peak Mountain, near Norman, KATV-TV, Little Rock, reported.

The June 11 flash flood killed 20 campers along the Little Missouri River at Albert Pike campgrounds.

A transmitter at Mt. Ida had failed months before the storm, but it had a weak radio signal which was unable to reach the campground.

NOAA director of the National Weather Service Jack Hayes says, “Expanded coverage of the NOAA Weather Radio signal reaching the Albert Pike campgrounds will improve safety for the millions who flock to this beautiful area for vacation each year.”

Hayes says some of the campsites are in low-lying areas that may still not receive a signal, so he urges campers to check the weather forecast before they begin a camping trip.