Seasons are changing in more than one way, for residents of a campground north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hundreds of people who had turned the Oasis Beach and Campground, off highway 59, into a home, are being forced out, Winnepeg Global reported.

The facility has been sold and the new owner wants everyone cleared out in a few weeks while he renovates.

Some residents are vowing to fight the eviction notice.

“We have to take out everything,” said Betty Scullard, who’s spent 14 summers at the campground.

Seasonal campers at the campground are fuming after they’ve been told they only have six weeks to move out and take everything with them.

“I’ve lost everything,” said Scullard. “I’m on disability and every cent I had I invested in that so I could leave something for my children and grandchildren, now I have nothing, nothing.”

The campsite, located just minutes north of Winnipeg, has 240 campers. They must be out by Nov. 1 and store their campers, trailers and cabanas elsewhere.

“We got a lot memories and stuff here and you have to tear it down, a lot of people have trailers that can’t move,” said Erin, who’s spent 12 summers at Oasis.

Campers were given notice Friday that the property had been sold. In a letter the owner states upgrades need to be done and the R.M. of Springfield has discovered most of the campers, cabanas and trailers are too close together, no permits were taken out, and the access roads too small for emergency vehicles.

“Why haven’t they said cabanas are too close together? Why haven’t they said it needs improvement?,” said Scullard, “He charges us more every year but no improvements are ever done.”

The owner refused to answer a reporter’s questions or allow access inside the campground.

Many campers have now hired a lawyer to see what legal action they can take.

The campground is expected to reopen in 2012 after upgrades are complete, and while some will return, others won’t.

“I’ve got it on Kijiji right now trying to sell what I can, because where am I going to move it,” said Scullard.

The campers are meeting with the new owners on Monday night to find out if they can keep their belongings on site.