The Hidden Valley Camping Area, campground, located at 299 Kiantone Road, Jamestown, N.Y., is under the new ownership of Bill and June Woltmann and Jessica and Mickey Spak. Jessica Spak, who is Woltmann’s daughter, said the family was living and working in Michigan when they decided to make a change, The Post Journal, Jamestown, reported.

”We all had professional high-pressure, tension-filled jobs,” Jessica Spak said. ”We were all avid campers and wanted to combine that with what we do for a living. We decided to make the change for a life of simplicity.”

June Woltmann said the family started looking for a campground in the north so they could still visit family in Michigan when needed. Through a marketing agency, they were told about Hidden Valley, which they visited for the first time in April 2011.

“We liked it because it looked like a campground. Many campgrounds nowadays look more and more like little cities,” she said. ”This is a beautiful campground and the whole area is just beautiful.”

So the family bought the campground and has no regrets.

”We love the decision we made. What a great idea,” June Woltmann said. ”Now I get to see my husband and my grandchildren more.”

Jessica Spak said even though they have made a change in professions, there is still a lot of work that goes into operating the campground.

”We probably work more hours now, but it doesn’t seem like it,” she said. ”It doesn’t feel like work.”

Jessica Spak said she enjoys meeting the seasonal and weekend campers, who have been visiting Hidden Valley for years.

”I love hearing people talk about the campground and the history of the place,” she said. ”I like all the people and the activities we do. I like seeing everyone have fun.”

The new owners have made some improvements to the camping area. For one, the park has more family camping available. There is also a new tent area for campers that don’t have an RV or camper.

Hidden Valley’s store is now opened longer hours and there is a new Slush Puppy machine. The campground has Wi-Fi availability, with water and electricity accessible at all 225 sites. The new owners have also started a new recycling program at Hidden Valley.

”We also have new activities. Like the week before Labor Day, we are going to do a Halloween event where children can dress up and go around the campground for candy,” Jessica Spak said. ”The first weekend in August, we are doing a reunion weekend. We’re asking people to stop by for barbecue and to bring old photos and share stories about the past.”

The new owners said sites are still open for campers wanting to stay at Hidden Valley. There are facilities for showering, filling propane tanks and for doing laundry. Also, areas for playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, a playground and a swimming pool.