The bar and restaurant portion of Barnacles has been rebranded as Mudflats Bar & Grill. It closed on March 1 for renovations and is set to reopen sometime in late April once the “revamping” is complete. Kimberle Unger photos

Barnacles Resort and Campground in Aitkin, Minn., is facing an exciting rebrand under the leadership of its new owner, according to aitkinage.com.

Brian Linne, who bought Red Door Resort in 2019, was born in Duluth and became acquainted with former owners Jim and Sheila Kromer from being on the North Shore and being active in the Mille Lacs area.

Last summer, the Kromers shared they were considering retirement after making the resort a successful business for almost 20 years. They purchased Barnacles Resort and Campground in 2005, and with their son Jim Jr., the Kromers made Barnacles a thriving business and favorite destination for those visiting Mille Lacs Lake.

Linne talked with the Kromers for almost six months before the transaction came together and was finalized in December 2023. Linne has great respect for the Kromers and acknowledges all the hard work they put into their business.

Barnacles Resort and Campground, located on the north shore of Mille Lacs Lake, is now Barnacles Resort and Mudflats Bar & Grill. The resort side of the business remains much the same. It offers 97 full hookup sites; 40 of those sites are lakeside and the remaining are north of MN-18. There are 220 fish house sites and the harbor offers 70 slips. It’s a good foundation that Linne hopes to build on.

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