A 376-acre motorsports park called Coyote Mud Bog breaks ground in Astatula, Fla., in about three weeks and could be open in early October, The Daily Commercial, Leesburg, reported.

The park will offer families and young people a motocross track, an RV park that will hold about 120 people, an ATV park, camping grounds, nature trails, a 5-acre mud pit and an 18,000- to 20,000-seat amphitheater for concerts and other special events.

Mayor Jack Farley supports the project that will create at least 30 jobs at the park and bring in outside vendors to Astatula.

“We have lost jobs and had home foreclosures,” he said. “I believe the motorsports park will bring some jobs and the potential for more business back to Astatula.

“This area is already a mecca for bicycling and, recently, boating with our new dock. Close by we have the Stanley Pond Adventure farms, Long and Scott farm and Maze Adventure. It wasn’t all planned together but it seems that we are creating a base for tourism and recreation. I feel that this will be a great fit for our community.”

Daryl Carbaugh, one of the owners of Coyote Mud, said he and his partners didn’t get any resistance from residents. He said the town residents wanted the business.

Carbaugh said his park is different from others in that it is relatively close to a town, allowing it to have cell phone service, Wi-Fi and other amenities that people want. Other parks are forced to locate in the boonies because residents don’t want to be bothered by crowds or noise, he said, which is not the case in Astatula.

“Our customers will have Internet access at night,” he said. “And when we are finished with our theater, we will probably end up having some kind of game room for kids at night. We are trying to encourage families. The whole idea behind the park is to have families and young people. We are trying to do something good for hard working, regular people.”

Initially, Coyote Mud will be open from 8 a.m. Friday until 4 p.m. Sunday. Cost per person will be something like $20 a day.

The motorsports park will hold six big events a year, and the owners plan on working with Astatula and county officials about doing a Wounded Warriors event to honor American soldiers, Carbaugh said.

“We want to get the stars and a lot of people to come here, and we can just donate the money,” Carbaugh said. “Hopefully, we can have the event in the next year. There aren’t too many places that can handle a crowd, but with this much land, we can handle the crowd and we have the parking.”

The motorsports park is located off Highway 561 in Astatula and the owners are hoping to expand it by another 208 adjacent acres that are in a foreclosure. This will allow then to build two lakes for swimming.

Coyote Mud also will have two camping grounds, one for families and the other for adults. Carbaugh said he doesn’t want families who may want to go to bed at 10 p.m. to have to worry about someone partying in the late hours and early morning next to them.

“We will have our own security, and the police from Astatula will be here,” Carbaugh said. “We will have our own paramedics, and we will have a safety director, and when you get to this large of an area, you have to go by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) rules because it will dictate how many paramedics we much have.

“And when you bring a big country singer, that will bring about 30,000 to 40,000 people to the area. That will be a big revenue event for the city and county. It will bring quit a few jobs. We are doing this in phases because we are just regular people. We are not wealthy people.”

Coyote Mud officials are actually building the motorsports park in three phases. The first phase, which could begin construction in less than a month, will include motocross track, RV park, mud pit and ATV park (for four-wheelers bikes). The motocross track will have a section for the beginners, intermediate and advance drivers.

Phase II would begin immediately after the first portion of the construction is complete. The second phase would take about six months to complete and would consist of bath houses for showers and bath rooms, which would allow the motorsports park to move away from portable restrooms.

The first two phases have to be complete within the first year to satisfy an agreement with the town of Astatula. The two lakes could be a part of this phase, but if the 208 acres in foreclosure take longer than expected, the lakes will be constructed in phase III. And the owners want to bring paint ball, wall climbing and a water park after phase III is complete.

The final phase would include building a town with a Western theme that includes a saloon, restaurant, general store and other businesses.

Carbaugh believes the motorsports park could help attract other businesses such as a gas station, which the town doesn’t have. The town will get sales taxes, an event tax for special events and the vendors will have to apply for occupational licenses with Astatula.

Carbaugh said the owners are environmentally minded and have decided not to develop 175 acres of the parcel because they want people to enjoy nature trails and bird watching.

“We haven’t cut down one tree, but we have planted 500 trees,” he said.