Kamp-Rite, an outdoor gear accessories company, has developed a solution for campers not having a convenient place to set their food and drinks when seated around the RV or campfire.

The Redi-Tray is a multi-functional, tabletop accessory that creates a convenient, stable surface for dining, holding a computer and other items. The patent-pending Redi-Tray easily attaches onto most quad-style and director-style chairs, and can be easily adjusted to the desired height and incline while still on the chair.

“People who have used the Redi-Tray love it for its ease of use and, most importantly, being able to get the plate of food off of their lap,” said Victoria Vlahos, Kamp-Rite representative. “It adjusts to almost any outdoor chair and also is multi functional for using iPads small laptops, and for kids it’s a great place to draw or play games on. It also is great for tailgating. Since space is limited in most campgrounds, this can take the place of bringing an extra table for seating, too.”

Assembly takes seconds thanks to the Redi-Tray’s gator teeth locking system and mounting bracket. The tray dimensions are 16 by10 inches, and the post length is 8¼ inches. While it only weighs a little more than 2 pounds, it has a 10-pound capacity.

The wholesale program includes cases of 12 and price breaks based on quantity ordered. Hang tags, Colorful POP display and social media marketing partnerships also are available.


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Go Caddy

Go Caddy is a slender tote and water bottle holder with multi-compartments to hold items by your side for hands-free traveling, hiking, biking or on-the-go fitness. It conveniently holds a water bottle, identification, money, passport, camera, cell phone, sunglasses and maps.

Victoria Forster, the creator of Go Caddy, said the product is excellent for camp stores because it’s benefits will be immediately evident for people who like to spend their time in the outdoors.

“Most hikers know staying hydrated is very important if you want to enjoy the adventure. So, imagine having your water within easy reach plus all your items conveniently stored in one slender tote by your side leaving your hands free for wherever your active lifestyle takes you. This makes the Go Caddy a very sellable product,” Forster said.

And the Go Caddy will be used well after the camping trip for walking, heading to the gym, cruising, outdoor festivals, amusement parks, etc. Customers like purchasing an item that they will use more than just one time.

At 4 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall, the Go Caddy can carry a 24-ounce water bottle. The Go Caddy has an MSRP of $19.99; wholesale pricing is available.



Stormy Kromer

Established in 1903, Stormy Kromer is an outdoor apparel company that started with the now iconic Stormy Kromer hat, which Stormy’s wife, Ida, created as a solution to the freezing wind stealing his cap as he navigated locomotives across the open prairies of the Midwest. Her solution was to hand-stitch the now-famous earflaps on one of Stormy’s old baseball caps.

Since then the Stormy Kromer cap winter product line features 1,052 cap SKUs, 33 cap styles, and 73 different available colors. And, while it all started with a cap, Stormy Kromer has grown into an outdoor apparel company with 443 SKUs representing 54 different apparel and accessory styles.

“A Stormy Kromer is more than just a cap! Our caps become a part of family traditions and key moments – from the birth of a new baby to family reunions to weddings to deer camp,” said Gina Thorsen, president of Stormy Kromer. “When families are out camping they are making important family memories too, ones that would be perfect to celebrate with our legendary cap. With a rich Midwestern history going back to 1903, American manufacturing and a lifetime guarantee, Stormy Kromer is as American as apple pie. Or camping! Also – we offer custom embroidery for our caps and could put the campground logo on the earband.”

Most Stormy Kromer hats range from $44.99-$49.99 MSRP.