Despite weeks of this dreary weather, RV travelers are hitting the road for summer vacations. Now they’ll have a new spot to spend the night. The Grand Island, Neb., City Council recently approved a new RV park in town, according to NTV, Kearney, Neb. 

This will be the fourth park in the Hall County area, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director, Renee Seifert, said there is a need. 

Seifert doesn’t even advertise RV lots in the county, because there’s not enough space to fill demand. After eight years of attemping change, and now a state fair on the way, it’s finally about to happen. 

“I would like to have water and a sewer at every sight,” said James Crow said, who relaxed in Hall County Park with his family on Monday afternoon (June 15). They’ve made a few trips so far this year, and drove from Colorado Springs to Grand Island. 

Seifert looked through the camping brochure in her office. “We really only have one that offers electricity, sewer and water.” 

That’s Grand Island KOA, which technically is in Hamilton County and doesn’t stay open in the winter. Seiftert will soon get the package deal at the new RV park. 

“To have that kind of facility in town, I think is going to be a real plus,” she said. 

Not just for state fair entrants, she said, but other ag-related events. 

Rick Milton, who owns Rodeway Inn next door to the lot, will also own the RV park. 

“We’re hoping to attract those people who come to horse shows, cattle sales and other events that will use for facilities during the year,” he said. 

Seifert said, “That’s the way those families travel.” 

But Seifert said there’s also the potential to develop a new market — one for retired snowbirds traveling say from Minnesota to Arizona, in their RVs. 

“We want to offer them everything they’d expect at home,” she said. 

“That’s the type of person we want to draw to our destination, someone who wants to spend a certain amount of time visiting our attractions,” she said. 

Milton said the city was concerned about destroying landscaping but he said he’s spending between $13,000 and $15,000 to add trees and tall grass. The park will have 43 spots with development starting next spring. Completion is expected for the state fair in the fall. Milton expects cost for RVs to be about $30 a night.