The long-awaited version 3.0 of the software that will run the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo, slated for Nov. 1-3 on the Internet, is finally complete, and on Thursday of this week the producers, the advisory board and several invited guests will be able to see a demonstration of the actual expo, according to a news release.

The previous version of the software did not fully contain the many customizations and nuances that the producers had sought for the show.

“This means that our nearly 50 exhibitors can begin to set up their booths and explore the various ‘halls’ which comprise the virtual show,” says Producer Art Lieberman. “We can now begin to set up the Registration Area, the Conference Room, the Library, the Press Room, the Lounge and, of course, the Trade Show floor. We also will be setting up the Help Desk, where attendees can learn how to navigate within the expo and even have software installed, such as Adobe Flash Player (which is necessary to view the Eexpo), or the latest editions of three web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Apple Safari for Macs.”

The registration engine of the new software is now also ready to begin accepting attendee information and producers will be making an announcement shortly about how to attend the expo. Once attendees have their user name and password, which they can change at will, they can attend the expo anytime during the three live days to view the webinars or communicate with exhibitors or the press or revisit the expo during the 90 additional days when the Expo will be in the “on demand” status.

The expo’s co-producer, Deanne Bower, has been experimenting with version 2.5 of the software for several weeks while awaiting the arrival of version 3.0. “It’s so easy,” says Bower, “for an exhibitor to set-up their booths, but I can understand their concern if they are not computer literate. The instructions for importing files such as videos or brochures into the software are so explicit and easy to comprehend, that little computer expertise is necessary.”

Another development that has producers excited is that the first draft of the expo’s souvenir directory is ready to be sent to the directory’s publisher. The directory will list all participants in the event including the producers, the advisory board, the sponsors, exhibitors and each person who will be conducting webinars or participating in Open Forums. Merely by clicking on the name of a sponsor or exhibitor in the directory will “teleport” an individual into their booth or into a webinar if it is running.

Deb Kohls of Leisure Interactive, who has been coordinating and booking the speakers at the expo, will be announcing the names of several of these participants very soon. One of the major advantages of a virtual show is that experts from various fields need not travel to a venue to offer to share their knowledge with attendees.

By the middle of September, the producers expect to turn their attention to soliciting attendees to the expo. Thousands of prospective attendees will be pre-registered and sent an invitation that contains a user name and password, which can be changed at the time the attendee logs into the expo’s Website. Written instructions for viewing the entire show will accompany the invitation.

Information about the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo can be found at their website at www.outdoorhospitalityexpo.com or by calling them at 877-901-EXPO (3976)