RV lovers and travelers will have a new place to park their wheels on their journeys as a new RV park just opened in Marshall, Texas, the Marshall News Messenger reported.

Laguna Vista RV Park opened a couple of weeks ago and owner William Gifford said it wasn’t easy getting the park off the ground.

“The hardest part I had was finding people who wanted to do it and contractors,” Gifford said. “I wasted almost two years trying to find people and it was discouraging because it was delayed two years. People would come in and look and say we’ll call you and never did. It wasn’t easy.”

His current job as a consultant for British Petroleum requires him to travel often, and Gifford said through his travels he’s come across numerous RV parks and seen how they’ve grown into stable, strong businesses.

“I do a lot of traveling with my job and I’ve seen a lot of RV parks and watched them grow and I had a strong desire to do it in 2005 and I started planning it,” he said.

Gifford hopes that his park will turn into something that will take him to retirement.

“Retirement is strong on my mind and I want to enhance the park. I feel like I have a good view of where I’m at, it’s a good location, it’s a private facility and it looks nice,” he said.

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