NJCOA Fall Tour 2021

More than 90 attendees, representing 41 parks, took part in NJCOA’s 2021 Fall Tour.

The New Jersey Campground Owners Association (NJCOA) is hosting its annual Fall Tour and General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 28. This year’s event will be held in the Shore Region of the state..

The event will take place over the course of one day and will include tours of 10 campgrounds in the region.

“NJCOA Fall Tour allows campground owners and managers from around the state to see what other campgrounds are doing firsthand. Attendees always leave the tour with new ideas, solutions to campground issues, and new friends”, commented Joann DelVescio, NJCOA’s executive director.

With many new campground owners in the state, the Fall Tour is an excellent opportunity for the new owners to meet seasoned campground owners and pick their brain.

“The tour is also a great way to help the next generation of campground owners get involved and meet many second or third generation owners,” said DelVescio. “It is very important for the next generation to know there are contemporaries out there ready to mentor and help.”

NJCOA will once again hand out awards in the following categories. The awards allow NJCOA to recognize the modern design of marketing materials, creative events and friendly staff of the member campgrounds.

  • Best Brochure
  • Best Website
  • Best Event
  • Most Creative Activity
  • Friendliest Customer Service

During the NJCOA general membership meeting NJCOA members will learn what the association has planned for the upcoming year and future. NJCOA does invite its associate members to attend the event. This gives owners and businesses a chance to connect in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information, contact Joann DelVescio at 609-545-0145 or email at [email protected].