What happens when the campground you visit for spring break has the bathroom doors locked? Some folks found out this week when they visited North Twin Lake near La Pine, Ore., television station KTVZ reported.

With almost the entire campground in use, this had the potential to be a smelly situation.

“They may have an explanation, but there’s no excuse for it,” Curtis Bean, a La Pine resident, said Friday. “Unlock the bathroom! It’s spring break!”

The locked bathroom doors prompted some campers to go out back and use the woods, out of necessity.

“Doing it old-fashioned style,” Austin Mallory said. “Grabbing toilet paper and finding some bags and doing it that way.”

Josh Byrd came to the North Twin Lake campground knowing what to expect, since he called officials in advance.

“They told me that there’s no services because of the (lack of a) camp host, and their contracts didn’t start until May,” Byrd said.

That still frustrates Bean, who lives near the campground and even pays for an annual parking pass. Revenue from the passes is supposed to go toward maintenance.

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