A Daviess County, Ky., resort known to campers in and outside the Tri-State, will soon have new owners, according to a report at TriStateHomepage.com.

The Diamond Lake Campground and Resort, just west of Owensboro, is being sold. As the seasons change at Diamond Lake, the ownership will change.

“It’s been a great time,” says co-owner Brian Smith, whose family took over the resort in 2005. They’re finalizing details on selling it after 16 years operating it.

“I’ve had some of my highest highs and here and some of my lowest lows, but I’m proud of what we’ve done,” he said.

The family is selling the resort to another group, who Smith says he cannot name yet, but who do run other campgrounds and resorts around the country. The remaining details should be finalized as soon as next week. Smith says the new owners plan to keep rates and prices the same for at least the rest of this year.

“We’ve been assured by the new buyers that nothing is going to change in 2021, that the rates and leases.

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