No nudes is bad nudes for the last nudist colony in Manitoba, Canada.

And so it’s closing, according to the Edmonton (Alberta) Journal.

The Crocus Grove “clothing optional” campground, in operation since 1969, is replacing birthday suits with bathing suits and reopening as a traditional campground.

At least owners Ray and Susan Ryynanen haven’t lost their sense of humour. The headline to their news release blares: ”Put Your Pants Back On!”

“All of the major nudist organizations are suffering declines in membership throughout the United States and Canada,” said Susan, who bought Crocus Grove three years ago with husband, Ray.

“The irony is sex and nudity is more out in the public than ever. But it seems we’re getting more prudish about nudity at the same time,” she said.

Another reason for the decline in nudists, she believes, is a different attitude among the generations. “It’s common knowledge the Gen-Xers are not joiners. They want to be independent, just to come and go,” she said.

Crocus Grove was started in 1969 by Leon and Evelyn Prucyk. After Leon died in 2005, the Ryynanens, nudists at the campground, bought it to keep it going.

However, at the end it was only running at 30 per cent occupancy “and that can’t pay the bills.”

Two years ago, Muskua Meadow, another nudist campground east of Winnipeg, closed.

“It really is a fantastic way of life. It’s difficult to understand unless you have the experience of it,” Ryynanen said. “The women I speak with find it more freeing. Basically, we’re really comfortable with who we are and how we look.”