The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have folded up their tent and left the Hidden Valley Campground near Kingston, New Brunswick, saying they found nothing after a week of searching. 

Sgt. Steve Gourdeau put out a press release late Friday (June 26), according to the Saint John Telegraph-Journal

“On Monday, the RCMP executed a warrant to look for evidence in relation to a criminal investigation,” Gourdeau wrote. 

“The search was related to information the police received. Based on that information, we had to check it out to verify whether it was true or not. No evidence was discovered to support the information being accurate.” 

Gourdeau offered no further explanation, what the Mounties were searching for in the first place or if charges may be filed in relation to whomever provided the false information. 

A dozen Mounties were at the campground including the RCMP forensics team from Fredericton. 

Earth moving equipment was also brought in, but no digging was done at the campground that covers 630 acres. 

John Weaver, the owner of the campground, previously said the RCMP investigation was hurting his business. 

Mounties guarded the entrances to the park and turned the curious away only allowing in two long-term campers. 

Neither Weaver nor the RCMP spokesperson could be reached by phone Friday afternoon. 

“It is important to note that at no time were the owners of the campground the subject of the investigation,” Gourdeau said in the release.