EDITOR’S NOTE: The Nov/Dec issue of Rootless Living, a consumer-facing RV lifestyle magazine, has just been published. Here’s what the publishers have to say about their sixth issue:

Marcus & Megan are taking us along for the ultimate Bucket List Hike in our cover story featuring tips on getting the hard to grab reservations and treats to enjoy in Supai Village. 

Have you ever thought about work camping? Diana is breaking it all down with advice on how to pick the gig best for you, as well as what a typical workday looks like.

Can you combine your passions with a rootless life? When Lucinda put her passion for motorcycles first, she found the road to full-time travel was really Easy as Pi.

What happens when you stop traveling full-time? In Freedom to Go and Freedom to Stop, Jessica is sharing why they started and why they’ve stopped…for now.

Can you travel and pay down debt? Brett & Meredith are sharing their journey to downsizing and paying off over $160,000 in debt in Driving Towards Financial Independence.  

What does Boondocking mean to you? Three boondocking families are sharing their perspectives and why it’s their preferred method of travel.

Take a peek inside the RV Family Renovators and so much more!