Gerard MacAdam

Gerard MacAdam, owner of a proposed RV site and campground on Hornes Road: “I have to have the cemetery separated from the park because of liabilities.” IAN NATHANSON/CAPE BRETON POST

The owner of a Hornes Road property says he’s settled a matter to provide a Cape Breton man and his relatives access to a 240-year-old family cemetery on the site of a proposed RV park in Nova Scotia, according to Saltwire.

Gerard MacAdam said he offered a “handshake agreement” to not only keep access to the site open but also agree to future burial plans for the men, which includes Clyde Spencer, of Glace Bay.

“I talked to Clyde (Tuesday morning) finally after trying to talk to him for about 10 days, but he wouldn’t talk to me,” MacAdam said, following a public hearing at city hall’s council chambers on potential campground development at the site. “He just kept going through (his cousin).”

The property, located just west of Broughton Road, is marked off by a gated entrance to a “Future home of Capers’ Christian Haven & RV Park.” The roadway into the park is currently off-limits to the public.

“Right now, there’s a bit of a restriction because we’re into rezoning,” said MacAdam. “And I have the park gated off for construction. I can’t just let anybody drive into the RV park because I don’t know if they’re coming into the park … like, why are you here? And I have to have the cemetery separated from the park because of liabilities.”

The cemetery issue arose as Cape Breton Regional Municipality councilors, select staff and Mayor Amanda McDougall sat in on a public hearing to consider an amendment to a CBRM land-use bylaw that would permit a campground on the property.

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