National Parks

Passage of a $1 trillion package to improve the country’s infrastructure and guard it against climate-change impacts has gained wide praise from environmental and conservation organizations/Rebecca Latson file

From improved roads and bridges and greater wildlife connectivity to healthier watersheds and climate-change mitigation projects, the $1 trillion infrastructure package passed by Congress figures to reach into many corners of the National Park System, according to the National Parks Traveler.

Funding will be available for projects designed to reduce collisions between vehicles and wildlife, pay for reconstruction of such roads as the Tioga Road through Yosemite National Park, and invest in wildlife habitat improvements.

“Congress demonstrated a common ground commitment to repairing America’s infrastructure, including in our national parks and surrounding communities,” National Parks Conservation Association President Theresa Pierno said Friday night after Congress passed the infrastructure package and sent it to President Joe Biden for his signature. “This major legislative victory supports communities as they recover from the ongoing pandemic, while also building back and strengthening park roads, bridges, transit, and water systems in the face of climate change.”

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