To celebrate her 40th birthday, Tracia Kraemer decided to get naked in public. It was 2008, and Kraemer, a single mother, for years had been curious about Indian Hills Nudist Park, a secluded 55-acre campground on U.S. Route 190 in Slidell, La. When her birthday arrived in mid-July, she decided to drop by, the Times-Picayune reported.

“My plan was to drive in, take off my clothes, walk around, then get back in my car and drive away,” Kraemer, 46, said recently, sitting at a picnic table in the center of the lightly forested property. But she wound up hanging out in the pool for hours. Then she stayed for naked karaoke.

“I was shocked by how friendly everyone was, how open,” she said. “I’d never felt so safe or comfortable in my life.”

Kraemer became a member soon after. Two years later she met her husband, Patrick, at the park’s annual Bare Biker Rally. And on Jan. 1, following what she described as a struggle for power with some of the park’s full- and part-time residents, the couple took over management of Indian Hills.

The Kraemers are now fighting to preserve the 44-year-old campground after the death of its founder — an eccentric magician known as the “Professor” — plunged the business into financial uncertainty. In doing so, they face a more symbolic challenge: saving nudism in Louisiana.

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