Plug-ins for electric vehicles are popping up along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Local car dealers have electric cars to show off. All they need now are the drivers, the Myrtle Beach Sun News reported.

The Grand Strand is slowly building the backbone to support electric vehicle transportation, with about a half dozen plug-in stations being installed since the first one went in at Ocean Lakes Family Campground during the summer. Local electric companies are getting involved to educate folks about electric vehicles, and some car dealers scoot around town in “demonstrator” electric cars aiming to grab some attention — and make a sale.

But so far, the electric vehicles and plug-ins have gotten more questions than use. Experts say the trend will eventually catch on along the Grand Strand — it just might take a year or so.

There’s not too much use right now to gauge, though. A couple of drivers have used the electric vehicle plug-ins Ocean Lakes installed about six months ago, spokeswoman Barb Krumm said, adding that interest is growing as the vehicles have arrived at local dealerships. Campground guests can use the plug-in for free and others can charge up at the station if they buy a $5 day pass into the campground.

“There just really hasn’t been a demand and we kind of figured that would happen,” she said.

Krumm likened the electric cars to recycling, which took a while to catch on in the campground after it was introduced.