Paul James figures it was the 100-degree heat for weeks on end across the Midwest last summer that sent people to Lamb’s Campground and Resort on Minnesota’s North Shore in droves.

That, he added, and folks seem to have a little more spending money than they did a few years ago.

“We had a great summer. People called up and said they just had to get away from that heat … so they came up to Lake Superior,’’ said James, manager of the family-owned business near Schroeder, Minn. “We’re usually full on weekends in July and August, even during a bad economy. But in the good years we also start filling in at midweek in June and in September, even into October. … That’s the frosting. We had that this year.”

It’s been a good year for many of Minnesota’s resorts and campgrounds as one of the region’s largest industries rebounds from a devastating downturn during the global recession.

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