Akron, Ohio-based RVshare, operator of an online platform linking RV owners with renters, is reporting strong results over the summer.

“In terms of scale, we’re not a startup anymore by any means,”  CEO and co-owner Jon Gray said in a press release. “We have more than 150,000 RVs on the platform now, and we just announced that we’ve had a million days of rental on the platform. We hit that total this summer.”

Gray is the former CEO of HomeWay, another sharing-economy company, before joining RVshare as CEO at the start of 2018. He noted that he and his investors sold HomeAway for nearly $4 billion in 2015.

According to Gray,  the chief challenge is raising awareness of the industry and increasing the willingness of RV owners to participate.

“I really liked the idea of taking an underserved area of travel and taking it to the mainstream. That’s what we did with HomeAway,” said Gray, explaining why he was lured back to full-time work after a three-year hiatus. “It has a lot of the same capability to change the way people think about travel. The U.S. is becoming more urban, so people want to travel outside and get back to nature. RVs are the perfect way of doing that.”