Rockdale RV Park near Mansfield, La.

Leslie Lott is a busy man. “I start early and quit late,” he said.

He came out of retirement a few years ago to manage New Rockdale RV Park near Mansfield, La. The Haynesville shale boom in Desoto Parish in the northwest part of Louisiana has created more workers, meaning more residents in his park, according to KTAL-TV, Shreveport.

“I’ve got surveyors, I’ve got weldors, pipe-fitters,” he continued.

New Rockdale has more than 125 RVs, the highest amount he and his staff have ever seen.

“It’s nearly trippled in business in the last eight months. It is just unreal. The phone rings off the wall. All day long people needing spots. We’re full. We just don’t have room for them,” secretary Evangeline Motin said.

The growth has forced Lott to expand and develop his 100-acre sprawl. He’s added on an ice machine, a cook house, even a washateria. Though adjustments are being made, the extra RV rentals are good for business.

Lott is also making a big profit through the radio business. He repairs and sells CB radios to the oil and gas men who need them on their journey’s out in the field.

“All the escorts that you see, they have to have CBs in them and the truck drivers naturally have to have them,” he said.

Lott says he’s been told the shale is here to stay, meaning he’ll soon make plans for the long haul.

“I think they’re saying we’re gonna have 1,800 wells and they’ve drilled 200, so it’s gonna last a good while,” he said.

The Desoto Parish Police Jury says its been getting requests from out-of-state property owners to start an RV Park on parish land. In order to start or expand a lot, applicants must get the proper permits from both parish officials and the health unit.

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