Camping has come a long way from the days of loading up the family station wagon with sleeping bags. Today, Oklahoma parks  and campgrounds are offering a variety of ways that elevate camping to a new, exciting level of comfort and ease.

The Oklahoman reported that Osage Hills State Park is the first state park to have canvas wall tents. These are similar to regular tents, but wall tents have supported, perpendicular sides. They also are pitched on a wooden platform because it gives the camper more convenience, keeping them out of the water and the rain.

“There’s no setup. It’s ready to roll. You walk in, set yourself up, sit yourself down,” said Nick Conner, Park Manager at Osage Hills State Park. “You can have an adventure, do what you want to, cook dinner over the fire and enjoy yourself. It’s a lot less stressful in the long run for families, especially when they have a lot of smaller children that they’re trying to keep occupied while they’re trying to set up the tent. This way it’s just ready to go.”

The wall tents have four cots for sleeping, a wood stove in the wintertime, battery-operated lanterns, a picnic table and a fire ring. Water and power are not available in the wall tents. Restroom facilities and fresh water are nearby.

Another option is a yurt a, round, lightweight, wood and canvas-covered structure used for camping. Yurts have been used as dwellings for thousands of years originating with Mongolian nomads.

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