Thanks to weather technology and advanced emergency alerts, an Ada RV park might soon become one of the safest in the state of Oklahoma. “Hey Daddy RV Park” in Pontotoc County is the new location for a possible weather alert system — something that residents say could save many lives and make them feel much safer.

“Sirens give you reaction time, and if you don’t have that you’re in trouble,” Hey Daddy resident Karon Smith told local television channel KTEN. “Being an RVer…it’s definitely important because you do not want to go through a storm, you want to get somewhere safe. And having time to do that makes a world of difference.”

Thanks to the Pontotoc County Emergency Management office, Smith might soon get the reaction time she and countless others are hoping for. It’s called a hazard alert system.

“What it does is give off an alert tone, and then it actually broadcasts the voice of the warning,” said Emergency Management director Chad Letellier.

Letellier says his office is in the process of requesting a grant to help fund the $16,000 project.

“It would be invaluable. You couldn’t put a price tag on how much it would help,” said Hey Daddy resident Roger Sheldon.

The Emergency Management office is also applying for another grant to place 500 weather radios in other RV parks in the area. Residents say they hope to see the system and devices in place before the next storm.