Campers who want to reserve a spot at one of Oklahoma’s state parks will have to pay an additional $8 processing fee when a new online campsite reservation system goes live later this year, The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, reported.

People who make a reservation by phone also will be charged the $8 fee.

The Tourism and Recreation Commission approved a new reservation fee on Wednesday (Sept. 15).

The $8 processing fee is expected to help pay for a new online system and the extra effort of staff who process reservations at the campgrounds. The processing fee for reservations will be split between the parks and a vendor, Oklahoma Interactive — $5 goes to the park and $3 will go to Oklahoma Interactive.

Online reservations for some parks will be available this fall. All state parks will be on an online reservation system by spring, said Kris Marek, director of state parks with the Department of Tourism and Recreation.

“This helps people who might be arriving late on a Friday for a weekend camping trip,” Marek said. “They want to know that when they get there they have a place to sleep.”

Oklahoma currently does not have an online reservation system. People who want to ensure they have a campsite before they get to the park must call ahead to a campground during regular business hours. Most other states offer online campground reservations for visitors, and Marek said the site is expected to make it easier for travelers and park staff.

Visitors can still get a campsite without a reservation if they arrive at the campground and sites are available.

The cost of a tent site at one of Oklahoma’s 48 state parks is $12. RV sites with full electric, water and sewer hookups are $23.

The Department of Tourism and Recreation has a $30,000 contract with Oklahoma Interactive to operate the reservation website.

The site is still being developed, Marek said.