The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Show, which will be available to attendees from around the world Nov. 1-3, has become an international event, according to a press release.

“This was our dream of the expo since its inception,” said co-producer Deanne Bower. “We’re happy to announce the first of what will be many international organizations that we anticipate will agree to participate. We are hoping to gain their input into the industry as it is seen through the eyes of outdoor hospitality businesses in international markets, although our first participants aren’t really that far away.” 

The reason for the mini-celebration a  Campground Expos, the producer of the event, is that Camping in Ontario has agreed to take part in the event. The organization boasts hundreds of campgrounds in the province and has dozens of associate members that solicit business from campground members. The association’s website is at www.campgrounds.org and their 128-page directory is available as a PDF file at: http://www.campinginontario.ca/Content/File/Public_Directory/Directory2010_interior_v7.pdf.

Producer Art Lieberman was ebullient about Camping in Ontario’s involvement. “This might give our exhibitors access to a market they did not have the ability to explore, while giving campground owners in Canada the opportunity to purchase goods and services which they haven’t previously had access to. This, however, might only be the beginning of the effort, to reach out to our neighbors to the north,” Lieberman said.

Mark Weiser,  manager of membership and development for Camping in Ontario promoted the event to the board and seemed pleased that the association had agreed to take part in the expo.

Expo producers also are having discussions with companies involved in the marina industry. Their  website,  www.marinas.com,  contains information on approximately15,000 marinas  around the world. This industry is  part of the outdoor hospitality market the expo is targeting. ”Marina owners would be a welcome addition to the attendees for the expo. Additionally, there are many suppliers to the marina industry that might consider exhibiting at the event,” said Lieberman.

The expo can be contacted at www.outdoorhospitalityexpo.com.