Whitewater Lake Park

Cameron Maki, 4, plays on the beach under the watchful eye of his mom, at Whitewater Lake Park in Azilda in this file photo. John Lappa/Sudbury Star

Sudbury, Ontario, is getting serious about re-imagining its campgrounds, according to The Sudbury Star.

During the most recent meeting of the community services committee, Ward 4 Councilor Geoff McCausland introduced a motion seeking a business case to be debated during 2023 budget deliberations, which would expand and revitalize three municipal campgrounds.

As part of the motion, McCausland called for the expansion of Centennial Park (on the Vermilion River) to 60 campsites and Whitewater Lake Park to 48 sites.

He also asked for a “phased improvement program to prioritize potential capital investments into electrical, water, wastewater, Wi-Fi and other amenities,” and asked for more information on “the potential for Centennial and Whitewater Lake Parks’ septic systems to be used by the general public for RV dumping on a fee-per-use basis.”

The motion was carried unanimously.

As he pointed out, campgrounds contribute to the city’s bottom line. McCausland said in 2019, daily campers to Greater Sudbury’s three RV parks provided a local benefit of more than $1 million, with room to grow.

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