The pro shop at the Mill River Resort in Woodstock, Ontario, will be the first to move when renovations get under way next month, the Journal Pioneer reported.

Facility manager Louise Arsenault said the golf pro shop, currently being used as the ski shop, will be relocated to the south end of the building.

It’s all part of an extensive renovation schedule planned by the facility’s new owner Don McDougall.

The corporate identity for the whole complex, which includes the resort, campground and championship golf course is the Mill River Experience, but, said Arsenault, “We call it Mill River.”

In tandem with the pro shop relocation will be a reconfiguration of the parking area, including parking near the new pro shop and a drive-through area to accommodate campground registration through the resort’s front desk.

“The whole goal is to bring it altogether,” Arsenault said, explaining that campers, upon registering, will get a glimpse of the many attractions available to them during their Mill River experience.

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