Oregon’s Long Hollow Fire has prompted campground closures and access to the Deschutes River leaving some questioning rafting trips on the popular stretch of water, according to erienewsnow.com.

River guides said this has been a bad fire season in their area. Already this year they have seen three large wildfires burning along the river. Two of those fires came in the last week and closed stretches of the Lower Deschutes River.

“We have never seen a year like this with the fires,” the owner of All-Star Rafting, Silas Lewis, said.

Saturday the BLM said areas along the Deschutes River from Buck Hollow River Access to Macks Canyon Campground were closed to the public. Hwy 216, from Hwy 97 to Hwy 197, was closed as well.

Lewis said he wants people with plans to come out and enjoy the river to still come. He said day trips around Maupin have been unaffected.

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