Residents surrounding a former landfill site in Lookingglass, Ore., are rallying against county plans to turn the 205-acre plot into an ATV park and campground, the News-Review reported.

The Douglas County Land Department has applied for a conditional use permit to turn the county-owned forestland on the east side of Colonial Road, north from its intersection with Lookingglass Road, into an off-highway vehicle park.

The county is still ironing out some of the details, including where it will get the money needed to develop it.

Steve Denney’s home overlooks the sloping hill of pine trees, some of which have been harvested for timber. A short walk brings him to the top of a hill overlooking the old landfill site. He’s concerned about the noise and pollution that an OHV park could bring to his currently peaceful home in the country. He has lived there for 27 years.

“It’s not very far from our house,” Denney said. “You could imagine all the noise that’s going to go with all of these different RV rigs.”

The proposed plans call for a 250-foot buffer zone where there will not be any trails or active use.

After the written comment deadline of March 24, the Planning Department will review comments and evaluate the application. The department could then make a decision.

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