After a year’s COVID hiatus, the Boston RV & Camping Expo will return as a live event from Jan. 14-17 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

As listed on the show website, exhibiting dealers at the four-day retail show include Bradford RV, Campers Inn RV, Cold Springs RV, Country Camper, Hemlock Hill RV, Mann’s RV and Pete’s RV representing all the major manufacturers.

In addition, there are about 50 booth exhibitors – approximately the same number as pre-pandemic levels, according to Bob Zagami, executive director of the New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA), the show organizer.

Bob Zagami

“I think people are ready for a show,” noted Zagami. “Exhibitor and public response has been enthusiastic, and online ticket sales are brisk. Also, we’re hearing from our dealers that their customers are asking about the show.”

Something notably different from past years, he added, is the level of interest from the press. “We used to almost have to beg the media to cover the show. But now, they are picking up the vibe RVs have generated over the past couple of years,” Zagami said. “and as a result, we’re getting calls for interviews from radio and television stations, including national press like Bloomberg Radio.”

Mainstream acceptance of RVs is not the only development since the previous Boston Show. For example, this year, visitors will have access to almost double the number of seminars, which run through all four days of the event.

“Nearly half of our show visitors are first-time RV owners or shopping for their first RV,” Zagami said. “To help educate, inform and create customers for life, we are adding multiple tracks to our seminar schedule.

“The Lifestyle Track — Track One — includes Go Rving, Girl Camper, RV Life Network and EasyCare representatives. The Technical Track — Track Two — is loaded with helpful information for RVers of all experience levels and covers everything from service tips and mobile service to understanding RV electricity and evaluating EV trucks for towing. Technical expertise is provided by some of the most respected names, including Mike Sokol, Chris Dougherty, Ryan Handley, and Randy Murry.”

The show will be held Jan. 14-17 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, Mass. Details can be found here.