Outdoor Business ProsOutdoor Business Pros is a new social media and educational platform developed strictly for Outdoor Hospitality Professionals, according to Mark Koep, founder and CEO of the company.

According to a press release, accessible for free at OutdoorBusinessPros.com the website allows for connections, sharing and learning for professionals in the hospitality industry, and adds more features not available on Facebook. It was developed by Koep, the moderator of several popular park owner Facebook Groups.

“The only way to grow our industry is by raising the expertise and knowledge of all industry players,” said Koep. “This new platform brings together the people, ideas, and discussions into an environment that allows for more advanced educational opportunities.”

To prove the point OutdoorBusinessPros.com will kick off their first virtual event with the Buy, Build, or Sell Conference taking place Jan. 26-27, according to the release. This event will combine free access for all Outdoor Business Pros members to the Live Q/A panels while enabling more advanced educational sessions on-demand to paying attendees. Following the two-day event, paying attendees will then automatically enter a mastermind program designed to empower and support them through their business development issues.

“It is hard to be an entrepreneur and we want to provide a framework for the support, development and troubleshooting that comes along with that venture, “ stated Koep. Adding, “simply having a supportive environment to vent to can make the difference between success and insanity… we want people to stay sane. We welcome you to join.”

Outdoor Business Pros has already grown to 184 members and is free to join for all Outdoor Hospitality Professionals at https://www.outdoorbusinesspros.com/.

For more information, contact Mark Koep at (805) 341-3828 or email [email protected]