EDITOR’S NOTE: The Outdoor Industry Association issued the following statement in support of public lands and inclusion to outdoor businesses.

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) exists to support our members by providing insights, education, advocacy, and action on the things that matter to and impact our industry most.

We believe that our members share some core values, including creating and ensuring plentiful and inclusive outdoor experiences. While our members have unique needs and opinions, one of the top concerns for our industry is the protection of public lands. Public lands — from neighborhood parks to national monuments and parks — are essential to our businesses and our partners, whether they are a small business, nonprofit, or large business with a national footprint.

In a recent survey, our members ranked advocacy around creating and protecting public lands as the number one benefit they sought from their trade association. Inclusion and equity also ranked among our members’ top priorities. We work in a bipartisan fashion with policymakers at the state and federal levels, with engagement and in recognition of sovereign tribes, to advocate for a shared vision that ensures the outdoors thrive and outdoor businesses succeed. Our advocacy and partnerships bring increased funding to outdoor recreation infrastructure, create new parks and public lands, and help our businesses succeed.

Our businesses need places for people to get out and experience the fun, joy, and wonder of the outdoors. With 160 million people getting outside last year and a total $689 billion economic impact, our industry has an important role in our economy, the mental and physical health benefits provided by the outdoors, and the community that is created in our shared outdoor spaces. We will continue to serve our industry with attention to the issues that impact our businesses the most.

We are focused on how to bring our community together because we are stronger when we are together.

About the Outdoor Industry Association

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