Snapsheet, a company that specializes in virtual claims management processing technology, announced a newly expanded partnership with Outdoorsy..

According to a press release, as Outdoorsy embarks on its busiest season in company history, the RV rental marketplace aims to ensure smooth customer experiences at every touchpoint, including the insurance claims process, according to the company release. By leveraging the integrated solutions offered within the Snapsheet Claims platform along with Snapsheet Appraisal Services, Outdoorsy can effortlessly manage any issues that arise during a rental to optimize the experience for all members of its community and maximize each RV’s time on the road, noted the release.

The partnership initially began in 2018 when Outdoorsy started utilizing Snapsheet Appraisal Services, which includes a proven customer service team and skilled estimators to quickly resolve auto physical damage appraisals. As the sharing economy has taken off and the company continues to grow, Outdoorsy is now tapping the cloud-native Snapsheet Claims platform to automate each step of the process.

From omnichannel engagement tools to electronic first notice of loss (eFNOL) to directly depositing payments into customers’ bank accounts, Snapsheet Claims enables faster, better experiences for all parties involved, explained the release. For example, the integrated Snapsheet Payments module features built-in integration with KeyBank, which quickly disburses funds to Outdoorsy’s community through multiple digital payment options.

As a result of the partnership with Snapsheet, Outdoorsy has achieved 94% EFT adoption, a 15% reduction in indemnity payouts, and an average time savings of one week on file closures.

“As a company centered around on-the-road adventures, the ability to handle insurance claims from anywhere has been critical to our success,” said Chris Aragon, claims director at Outdoorsy. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without Snapsheet’s flexible solutions and quick implementation of changes as we’ve grown over the past two years. The evolution of our partnership from appraisal services to digital payments and now end-to-end claims management has increasingly streamlined our operations while also simplifying the experience for our community.”

Recently, Outdoorsy started a third-party administrator (TPA) that is using the Snapsheet Claims platform to facilitate the claims process.

“We take great pride in our partnership with Outdoorsy, and it’s been an honor to be along for the ride as they’ve continued to grow and establish themselves as a category leader,” said Brad Weisberg, CEO and founder of Snapsheet. “A record number of travelers are opting for RV road trips this year, so it’s especially critical to expedite claims and repairs. We’re thrilled to help Outdoorsy – and their TPA – efficiently and effectively manage the end-to-end claims process, delivering an optimal experience for all parties involved.”