The owners of Desert Gem RV Resort in Oliver, British Columbia, say that change is needed on the property to make the business sustainable, the Oliver Chronicle reported.

Owner Scott Nelson and agent Brad Elenko addressed the town council last week with a proposal to breathe new life into the tourist commercial venture.

“It’s just not doing that well (financially),” said Elenko, noting the business can’t continue “bleeding” like it has been.

As a result, something has to change to make the property more sustainable, he pointed out, and told council members that they’ll be receiving a formal request to allow storage units in the back of the park.

Nelson said he bought the property south of town in 2008, and it hasn’t been profitable since.

“It has been listed for sale for one-and-a-half years, but who’s going to buy it when it’s losing money?”

Nelson said they have been looking at different options to get more value out of the land, and are looking at reconfiguring the use of the park to accommodate self-storage units on the east side of the property.

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