The federal government has removed the small business status from private campgrounds in Canada, a move that could endanger their ability to survive, says Member of Parliament Carol Hughes, according to the Manitoulin Expositor.

“This is an issue I had worked on quite a bit previously, about this being looked at by the government, writing letters and bringing concerns forward on behalf of businesses in this constituency. For us, camping and campgrounds provide a huge economic activity in our riding, not only for locals but the many people who visit our area for these services,” said Hughes.

“At this time, I am continuing to do research on the decision that has been made. This is an issue we have worked on for a few years, raising concerns with the ministry of tourism, finance, small business and Revenue Canada. It seems that there is not a great deal of understanding of how these businesses operate, and that removing the small business status would endanger these businesses ability to survive,” Hughes added.

One private campground owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Recorder that removing the small business status, “will be devastating to us. I’m not sure if we will be able to continue (to operate).”

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