After more than two years, there is still no movement on a proposed campground site in the town of Portland, N.Y., The Observer of Dunkirk, N.Y., reported.

At a special meeting Thursday (Jan. 30) resident Jerry Speelberg asked the town board to meet with him to discuss his proposed 70-acre campground.

Speelberg has said the town’s planning board has put up obstacles to prevent him from completing the project.

Among the list of requirements needed were photographs every 20 feet due to the creek, a study regarding squirrels and a list of all trees that were removed from the property, among others.

“We have enough papers to go forward. Every time we are told that, five days later we get another list. That’s how it went through the years,” Speelberg said.

The delays were partly due to changes Speelberg had to make, according to the town.

“There are definitely things that have happened along the way. There is fault in both ways … We want the project, unfortunately it did take this long and I apologize for this. I can’t even tell you the last time a campground got put in the town of Portland. The planning board did the best they could with what they had,” said Daniel Schrantz, town supervisor. “I apologize it did take so long but I welcome your project wholeheartedly.”

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