When Ethel Burkett started putting together country music shows 40 years ago, she couldn’t fathom she would still be doing it now, the Kittaning (Pa.) Paper reported.

But the idea of the campground came when her stepdaughter, Sharon Riggle, came down with cancer and couldn’t work.

“She wasn’t able to work or do anything, but she wanted to put a campground down here and it’s been going on ever since. We had a lot of friends that were there to back us up on everything.”

In addition to offering primitive camping, the campground schedules country music weekends that attract both campers and local fans.

“We’ve done it five times a season. As time went on, we cut it down to three instead of five per season each summer.”

Although the campground property is actually owned by her brother-in-law, it holds a special place in Ethel’s heart.

“This is my home as far as I am concerned.”

Ethel, now 86 years old, couldn’t do it all by herself, so 72-year-old Ted Reed has volunteered to help take care of the two-acre facility.

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