RV Friendly signge

Pennsylvania will be posting an “RV Friendly” logo along its highways designed to let travelers know which businesses can accommodate their RV.

According to a press release, the state recently adopted the popular “RV Friendly” highway sign for use in the state’s local business logo program. The sign is a highly-visible, round, bright yellow reflector with “RV” in the center. It is designed for roadside businesses – such as gas stations, restaurants, tourist attractions and lodging/camping facilities – to place on their existing highway gas-food-lodging logos indicating their ability to provide adequate space and resources for RVers.

“We are so excited that the ‘RV Friendly’ logo signs have been approved,” said Rebecca Lenington, executive vice president of the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA). “We’ve been working on this for a while and feel it is a win-win for both RVers and local businesses.”

Lenington said the “RV Friendly” signs prove to be a valuable tool for RVers since they can easily tell which businesses are convenient for them to shop, eat or fuel up. Businesses must meet certain requirements in order to be “RV Friendly” such as having high canopies, an adequate turning radius, and 12-foot wide lanes.