The owner of Pine Lake RV Resort & Cottages in Sturbridge, Mass., who offered to spend $2.43 million to build a public sewer main along Route 15 and connect the RV park to the town sewer system, has taken the offer off the table, according to telegram.com.

“I’ve taken it off the table only because I’m under severe time constraints to get my park open and there was a host of uncertainties surrounding my involvement with the sewer line,” Philip Moreau, owner of the RV park, said Monday (Oct. 7).

He said that instead, he will build a wastewater treatment plant just for the RV park.

“The selectmen have spoken and it’s clear that one out of five was for the project, and frankly, I don’t have the time or the ability to go against the word of the selectmen, nor the desire.”

Calling it a “one-time deal” and “a good deal for the town,” Priscilla C. Gimas was the only one of five selectmen who said she was 100% in favor of Moreau’s proposal.

“I’m very disappointed, but I understand where he’s coming from,” Gimas said Monday. “It’s very disturbing how some businesses are made to jump thousands of hoops while others, depending on who they know, go right in.”

Moreau is a California-based RV resort developer who owns and operates RV resorts in Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, California and Arizona. He offered to fund construction of a six-inch public sewer main stretching for approximately a mile, from the town’s wastewater treatment plant to his RV park at 30 River Road, if the town, in turn, would waive any tie-in and connection fees for the RV park.

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