Copper Lodge by Wilderness Solutions Inc.

Wilderness Solutions Inc. has designed a geothermal heating and cooling system for its solar powered, completely self-sustaining park model cabin.

The Indiana-based company has tested the geothermal unit this summer at its prototype unit and pronounced the test a success, Carey DePalma, president, told Woodall’s Campground Management.

“With the on board water filtration system, we’re taking water at approximately 64 degrees directly out of the lake and turning it into potable water and also using that water for the geothermal unit. This is has been pretty hot and the unit is working fine,” DePalma said.

The prototype is equipped with a 1-ton air conditioner system, but DePalma considers the need for it pretty slim.

In the winter months the lake water drops to around 48 to 52 degrees, which is fine when the unit is not occupied. “It eliminates having to wonder if you have enough propane, and the cost to running a 40,000-Btu furnace,” he said. Plus, he added, geothermal uses a lot less power than the air conditioner or the furnace, eliminating the run the back-up generator.

“The geothermal heating and cooling unit is a great addition to our Wilderness Cabins,” DePalma said.

DePalma is working with several state park systems on public/private partnerships to install the Wilderness Cabin rental units in remote, secluded locations where utilities and infrastructure are either not available or too costly to install. The units provide a great additional revenue stream with no up-front infrastructure cost.

Wilderness Solutions Inc. after a year of testing unveiled its Wilderness Cabin with its little caboose earlier this year. The little caboose is the hub of the cabin. Nestled alongside or beneath the extended frame design, it houses the fresh and gray water filtration system, solar equipment, battery bank and back-up generator.

The Wilderness Cabins conform to park model requirements. These one- and two-bedroom units are completely furnished and are equipped with full-size kitchen appliances, flat screen TV and surround sound.

Several interior floorplans and choice of interior and exterior finishes make these four season cabins perfect for campground rentals, resort cabins, vacation homes, hunting or fishing cabins or mountain retreats, he said.

For more information call Carey DePalma at (317) 753-4684 or visit the website www.thewildernesscabin.com.

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