A Shediac, New Brunswick, campground owner is concerned a new $40-million jail destined for the scenic tourist town will hurt her business. 

The New Brunswick government announced on April 8 that it will construct a 90-cell correctional center in Shediac, according to CBC.ca. 

Although many people in the southeastern New Brunswick community are eager for the investment and jobs, Marie-Paul Martin, who runs Camping Beausejour, a popular and well-known landmark in Shediac, is hiring a lawyer to fight the new jail’s location. 

Martin said having a jail in the middle of a tourist town could drive away visitors. She said she had no idea a correctional center was going to be built near her 310-site campground until after the announcement was made. 

“I have a responsibility as a businesswoman with a campground to offer a secure place for people to have a vacation. If I can’t do that, I might as well close right now,” Martin said. 

She said the proximity of the proposd jail could scare off some of her older clients and families with young children. 

Martin is circulating petitions around the town of 5,000 residents and she said there should have been consultation before the site was chosen. 

But Shediac Mayor Raymond Cormier said no one voiced concerns at council meetings and big benefits are in store for the community. 

“The detention center is going to bring us over $800,000 in taxes, which means it will help us to get certain services to people who’ve been asking for, maybe a swimming pool who knows?” Cormier said