Pinkham and Linda Pacetti say they were as surprised as anybody else when Randy Ringhaver, who purchased Pacetti’s Fish Camp in north Florida from them on Oct. 1, sent out notices last week to the residents of the park that they would have to be out by Jan. 1.

“I was kind of shocked, actually,” Pinkham Pacetti said Monday. “We didn’t know they were going to make everybody leave. As far as we knew, it was going to remain the same.”

Still, just to make sure nobody would be immediately displaced, Pacetti insisted on a clause in the contract calling for 90 days notice before anybody had to leave, the St. Augustine Record reported.

“I put the 90 days in there to give these people time to relocate,” he said. “But I didn’t expect it to happen right away.”

Pacetti said his residents knew of his intention to sell the 23-acre park on Trout Creek off State Road 13 in Orangedale as far back as a year ago, but that he had hoped the new owners would keep the residents of the park, some of whom have lived there for as long as 20 years.

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