PARKK Parkk, an RV focused parking app that allows travelers to reserve private RV parking in advance, has announced the parking technology is now available on both iPhone and Android, so RV travelers will no longer have to limit their travel routes based on current RV parking options, according to a press release.

“Parkk solves multiple fundamental travel issues by increasing parking availability for the RVer. Today, travel routes are often limited to routes with close proximity to existing RV parking lots. Through our app, travelers can simply park in any registered Parkk driveway, along any route they choose,” said founder and CEO Jason Ratzlaff. “With Parkk, every registered driveway becomes a potential RV parking spot, opening up all-new routes for RV travelers. We are also pleased to offer driveway owners across the country an opportunity to monetize the spaces they already own.”

The timing of the app release could not be more beneficial, as COVID-19 has spurred major growth in the RV industry as a way to explore “safe” travel, according to the release.

Parkk makes more RV spaces available, (a critical point as more RVs hit the road and are more likely to overwhelm current parking/campsites), however, it also supports the existing RV parks to gain exposure and reduce costs. RV park owners can replace their booking software with free access to Parkk to manage all reservations, while simultaneously gaining market exposure to a new audience of travelers.

To register and monetize your own driveway or find your next RV parking spot download Parkk on Google Play here or for your Apple products, download here.

To learn more about Parkk visit the Parking App for RVs Cars, Events and Earn by Hosting Parking spots — Parkk at https://www.parkk.com/