Resort Business Opportunities (RBO) and Recreational Business Partners announced their collaboration to bring together their expertise in buying, selling and operating resort, vacation and outdoor recreation businesses.

Resort Business Opportunities operates Go-RBO.com, the only online marketplace of resort and recreation businesses for sale around the U.S. Recreational Business Partners are widely respected business transaction consultants who specialize in recreation businesses, according to a news release.

Go-RBO.com has created a page on their site, Resort Business Strategies, hosted by John Halstvedt and Dan Singer of Recreational Business Partners, where they provide insight on recreation-related business transactions and operations. Halstvedt and Singer will author articles designed to guide people through the buying and selling process as well as the nuances of running a business in seasonal tourist areas. They will also contribute to the Resort Business blog.

“This is a perfect partnership,” says Brian Lantzy CEO of RBO. “We’ve been looking for exactly this type of relationship; our website helps people find the business of their dreams, they help people get the deal done and then run a successful business.”

Halstvedt and Singer of Recreational Business Partners have a combined 45 years of campground and recreation business sales experience, and both have been vice president of sales for Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA). Halstvedt also owned the Estes Park, Colo., KOA Campground. “It was apparent from our first conversation that we both had the same goals: to help people realize their lifelong dream of owning their own business in the best places to live in America,” says Halstvedt.

“Most people who are buying a resort or recreation business are making two life-changing decisions,” says Lantzy. “Not only are they purchasing their own business, often for the first time, but they are usually relocating to an area. So this process involves enormous lifestyle changes; our collective knowledge on both of these fronts is unparalleled. There are a lot of unknowns on many levels; we hope to provide guidance from our own experience and knowledge of these markets.”

Contact John Halstvedt, principal of Recreational Business Partners, at  (406) 294-3860 or [email protected] Contact Brian Lantzy, CEO of Resort Business Opportunities, at (303)518-7406 or [email protected]