More than 14,500 acres of forest land that were closed after oregon’s Eagle Creek fire have been unlocked to the public.

Mt. Hood National Forest officials reduced the closure area from 54,892 acres to 40,354. Most of the closure remains in effect — and the reopened section doesn’t include the popular Interstate 84 corridor, according to the Hood River News.

The 48,000-acre fire is no longer active, but hazards remain in burned trees, falling rocks and landslides, according to a Forest Service report. The “mosaic” burn left swaths of scorched vegetation, but also much greenery.

The Forest Service said the updated closure balances the amount of public access, while prioritizing safety for the public and its employees. More closure area adjustments will come when safety issues have been mitigated.

Hood River District Ranger Janeen Tervo said, “It’s important to orchestrate adjustments/reductions to the fire area closure in concert with the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area; and as this fire has shown, fire knows no boundaries.”

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