At last week’s Northeast Conference on Camping in Nashua, N.H., Pelland Advertising, Insider Perks and Chris Reidenbaugh, a Google 360 Business View photographer, met jointly with campground owners to highlight their new strategic partnership.

“We like to think that we are the best at what we do, the development of custom-designed responsive websites and the production and printing of a full range of color advertising,” explained Pelland founder Peter Pelland. “We are not jacks of all trades, and when there are essential services our clients need but we do not offer, we’ve chosen to partner with fellow professionals with proven track records.”

That includes a partnership with Insider Perks, headed by Brian Searl. The company offers reputation management, social marketing and listing distribution services — essentially, the company monitors sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google, Yelp!, and RV Park Reviews and responds to reviews on behalf of clients, and it also works to improve accuracy of client business listing on search sites.

Reidenbaugh offers impressive immersive tours of campgrounds that can be incorporated in a website, on Facebook, or more impressively displayed at consumer shows using a smart phone and viewing goggles to give potential guests an on-the-ground view of a property.

“We first worked with Chris when he produced a series of Google 360 virtual tours for our award-winning client, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest, Pa.,” Pelland explained. “Google Virtual Tours tightly integrate with Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Places. We immediately recognized the quality of the work that Chris was producing and the need for professional photography and virtual tours that he could meet.

“Under our new partnership with Chris, he will be working as an agent to screen and schedule Google-certified photographers, finding those who have been proven to possess the necessary skills and understanding of the family campground industry, for assignments at campgrounds throughout the United States. In many instances, he will be taking on assignments himself.”

To learn more, contact Pelland Advertising at 800-848-0501 or pelland.com.