A North Apollo, Pa., man’s vision to revitalize the borough’s Pegtown neighborhood around tourism-centered business is beginning to materialize, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

The North Apollo Zoning Hearing Board on Thursday (Nov. 6) granted Pat Froncek a variance to convert his property along Wysocki Avenue into a campground and hostel.

Froncek hopes to attract bicyclists and kayakers traveling along the Kiski River.

With the zoning hearing board’s approval, the North Apollo native’s business can be open by spring, Froncek said.

The campground and hostel — which he will call the Pedal or Paddle Inn — will offer travelers on the river or the nearby bike trail a place to shower, sleep and socialize.

Froncek said he will convert one of the property’s buildings, which sits about 30 feet off the Kiski River, into a shelter with cots and showers for weary recreationalists. An awning that juts from the rear of the building will provide shelter to a pavilion area that will feature several grills and picnic tables.

The office will be in a house that sits about 50 feet from the building and currently houses a family of four. The family will not be displaced. The matriarch of that family, Froncek said, will serve as office manager.

“Nobody is going to be bothered by this,” Froncek said. “She’s on board. There’s a junkyard on one side, the river on the other and I own all of the other contiguous properties.

“It’s going to be a great thing for the town.”

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