County of Warren The Warren County (Va.) Board of Supervisors rejected a proposed events facility and campground in Browntown, according to The Northern Virginia Daily.

Supervisors held separate public hearings on each of the two permit applications — a commercial campground and a rural events facility — on The Dryer Farm that fronts Gooney Manor Loop.

Wright also filed two similar permit applications for the same purposes related to property that fronts Wellspring Drive. Wright withdrew the permits for the Wellspring Drive property before the special meeting. Wright modified the remaining request for a campground by reducing the number of proposed campsites from 100 to 50.

At the meeting, Wright said he moved back to the area 11 years ago and sought to preserve the family farm. He touted his proposals for a campground and an events facility as ways to help boost tourism while promoting agriculture.

Supervisors heard from dozens of speakers at the public hearing, most of whom urged board members to deny the request. Many residents of Gooney Manor Loop and nearby Bentonville Road have spoken out against the proposal and expressed concerns that the uses would negatively impact the neighborhood. Opponents have raised concerns about increased vehicle traffic, the effect the uses would have on the water supply and resources, noise and crime.

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