Whenever Susan and Steve Manolis of Ahwatukee, Ariz., plan a trip, their first question for an RV park is whether it has a pickleball court.

“If they say ‘no,’” I say ‘OK, thank you. Click,” said Susan.

According to the Ahwatukee Foothills News, at least they and a growing legion of Ahwatukee and East Valley pickleball fans are having an easier time closer to home.

Phoenix and East Valley municipalities have recognized that pickleball is hot and getting hotter – enough to warrant the same kind of public investment they make in Little League ballfields and tennis courts.

School districts are not far behind.

Advocates are converting students of all ages to embrace a sport that once was associated with being old.

Phoenix is installing 16 pickleball courts at Pecos Park in Ahwatukee and another 10 at two other parks in the northern part of the city. That’s on top of new pickleball courts that parks and recreation department officials have installed at two other city parks and shared-use accommodations installed at tennis courts in four more parks.

“This is in response to public input we’ve received over the last several years regarding a need for more pickleball options, and likewise we’ve worked that need into existing facilities and taken it into consideration when doing renovations,” said Gregg Bach, spokesman for the Phoenix Parks and Rec Department.